I think by now it’s so evident that T shirts, denims (rugged) and sandal heels are my all time favorites…

These are fashion pieces that 2 or 3 days can’t go by without me rocking.

I know I’ve talked about how to style a white Tee before and if you’d like to revisit it again check out this link (INSERT THE LINK FOR WHITE TEE POST)

I’d like to slightly brief you on my hair though, I posted a video on my Instagram last week about straightening my hair and everyone went crazy thinking I was talking about chemicals, and I would like to tell you all – Keep Calm – No I wasn’t!

I did the big chop last year sometime In March and I must say it was the best decision I ever made, since then I’ve never used any direct heat on my hair, this was the first time and I kinda loved it.

I wanted something different for a change, so I decided to go for a blow out – the heat applied was very minimal- and all I used was coconut oil for my scalp and olive oil moisturizing lotion on the hair which acts as a good heat protection.

I didn’t want to go for a full sleek blow, I still wanted to maintain the Afro effect and trimming my edges gave my hair such a refreshing feel.

I’m so in love with this simple look and hope you like it. Any tips on how to style Natural hair please feel free to share.

Shot by @ Ken Nzau