What do you guys think of the one piece suit?

Shot by Buo Art

Maillots, also known as the one piece suit, paired with high-waisted bottoms, have been super trendy for quite a while now.

Ive had mine for a long time and I just came across it when I was recently cleaning out my closet and thought why not pop some casual pants over it aside from the usual beach wear.
Maillots are still super trendy, and they’re not only worn to the beach, but it all really depends on how you decide to dress it up.

I love my one piece suit because I think its super stylish and it tends to flatter my figure, and any female figure for that matter… and the good news is there’s a one – piece suit for every figure and body shape out there.
Plus, personally, I thinks it’s always better to leave a little something to the imagination 😉

How would you style your one piece suit?
Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Make it simple but significant.

Don Draper