Mom Jeans Styling

Hey guys, welcome back.I missed being here so much!, I promise to be consistent this time.

Minimalism is so in right now! But rules were made to be broken right? The golden rule is to keep it simple. Doesn’t this look just give you fall vibes?

I was saving this top for Santorini LOL. The red shirt is giving me major Hawaiian vibes, I can’t believe this shirt has been in my closet for ages and this is the first time I’m wearing it, as in ? .

My love for denim is unexplained and by far these are the best jeans I’ve ever owned, they are Calvin Klein mummy jeans, were a bit pricey too but worth every penny.

Since I became a mum my style has transformed so much,I’m more cautious about what I wear. If my outfit doesn’t make me feel good then on to the next.

Let me know what y’all think about this fit, it’s super simple to achieve just grab a shirt from your closet and dress it up.

Red shirt – Thrifted
Jeans – Calvin Klein’s
Heels – Charlotte Russe
Photography – Ken Nzau

Thank you so much for being here and see you soon.