The festive season with yedu













Look 1
Black Baseball Cap: Yedu
Shirt: Polo – Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Authentic wear
Belt: Hermès
Heels: Zara

Look 2
Caramel-ish baseball cap: Yedu
Shirt: Polo – Ralph Lauren
Jeans: River Island
Sneakers: Bata – Tomy Takkies

Shot by: Ken Nzau Photography

The festive season is here people! I loooove this time of the year, as much as it gets quite emotional when I look back and reflect on what it is I have and have not achieved, it still remains my favorite season.

2016 has been amazing I wont lie, so much growth happened this year; from my blog – which is one of the simple things that bring me joy when working at it, to three major nominations all across East Africa;
(Kenya – SOMA Awards
Tanzania – Swahili Fashion Week Uganda ASFAS – all under fashion categories/Blogger of the year) and sadly enough didn’t manage to bag any award – Fashion killer but not so lucky 🙁

There’s also been growth as an individual, mentally and spiritually. This was the year I went hard on my entrepreneurial skills and as much as it was a struggle I must say it’s been a learning process and from here onwards I’m only hoping to go forward.

Back to Basics, Fashion; I feel like 2016 was the year where so many people got out of their comfort zone and went all in for the fashion kill (myself included).

It’s refreshing to see everyone trying to catch up with the coolest trends here and there while being versatile with it. Colours became brighter, prints got bolder, dope cuts were made to stand out and all that extra flare when it comes to fashion.


We all know this year the baseball cap was very trendy, in all sorts of fabric, from denim, to leather, cotton, you name it!

Other fashion item that was quite trendy as well was the short denim skirt with an A line cut to it, these were super chic and really fun to rock.

Belts, I love them, can’t live without them! Belts have always been my number one to go to accessory, you rarely miss me without one, but personally, when it comes to branded items, I feel like the Hermès belt gots to remain in 2016, I think they’ve been quite trendy for a hot minute now and too overdone (especially this specific one that I’m wearing) loosing it’s elegance and uniqueness, so I thought why not wear mine just one last time, only for the blog… might just save up and get me the Salvatore Ferragamo one this coming year.

As for Jeans, no way in hell those are going anywhere, that’s a to stay trend.
If you know me you know I love my jeans, casual shirt and sneakers, thats like my EVERYDAY to go look. I love a pair of jeans that fits well almost close to perfect – but not too perfect. I’m actually wearing one of my favorite pairs from River Island, they’re not too tight, or too loose, the fit is just super right.

As for 2017, I know for sure fashion is really gonna pop, where by individuals will not just follow trends but actually have the audacity to create their own trends and really own it.

Im talking about oversized street wear which was mostly seen on fashion week S/S 2017. I predict very bright colors this coming year, from candy pinks to minty greens and shades of yellow as well.

Bold prints will also be seen, and I mean BOLD – to very exaggerated but well done cuts, puffed up fits that are fun to wear to wide legged flares and so so much more! – All it takes is your creativity and confidence, and I must say I’m more than excited and ready to explore all this fashion in 2017.I dare you to join me in exploring these wild trends together.

PS: Like I said, 2016 has been and still is the year of baseball caps, thus, I decided to create my own line of baseball caps under Yedu. I came up with two shades only; Black and nude (almost caramel-ish type of nude)
I specifically went for these two colors because these are shades that will never fade away as much as fashion goes, and they can be matched up with literally anything.

Yedu means ours in Taita origin, so I thought I’d share the love this year by simply creating something that we will all love and that’s meant for all of us, Ours.

To purchase the Yedu baseball caps kindly follow my Instagram page: @Bridgetshighadi for more details or dial +254 717 229 294.

Have a Blessed Merry Christmas And Happy New Year loved ones ❤