Simple guide tips on how to ace that photoshoot especially if it’s your first time and you have no clue on how to go about it.











Shot by: @buoart
Fit by: @vostilook


When planning for a photoshoot, don’t just wake up one day and randomly decide you want to shoot, if you want to have a successful shoot and be impressed by the outcome then you have to know what theme or concept you wanna work with, what’s your inspiration? Is it vintage or street chic inspired kinda theme? etc. You have to know as this will make your photoshoot a whole lot easier.


Make sure you research for the best location for your shoot according to your theme, get familiar with your location, know exactly what it is you’re working with.
Personally I love studio photography because you can get exactly what you want, from soft light to darkness, background… everything is under your control. Who doesn’t love being in control anyways? Plus at the end of the day you get exquisite results, and if anything tends to go wrong with a studio shoot then you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Some people or models would assume that shooting is as simple as just walking into a studio – No preparation at all, always relying on the photographer to do the magic, and if you ask any photographer, that can be really frustrating, especially in post production- because this tends to consume a lot of retouching time which could have been saved by you. Yes you!
Ladies, reason I’m saying this is because, don’t just walk in with eyebrows that are not waxed, body hair and all that unkempt stuff and think that it’s up-to the photographer to retouch and modify your look. No! This is something that can be done before hand by you the model – if you want flawless results of course – So make sure you get that waxing done and prep your skin in advance, and for better referral on how to go about it check my slightly older post on skin maintenance. (SKIN IS IN)– and when waxing your eyebrows or body make sure you do it two days prior to your shoot – we don’t any skin reactions, atleast not on your shoot day!


The concept that you choose and the look that you wanna go for will always determine your make-up. Be it subtle or dramatic, it’s really up-to you
You might decide to book or maybe someone promised a make up artist on site, just make sure you have your kit with you, anything could happen, you better be safe than sorry.
Make sure you get different shades of eyeshadows, blushes and lipstick for variety.
Same thing with hair, hair is key when shooting, ensure that your hair is looking neat and fresh for quality and classy pictures.


If you have a concept on lock on what you want to capture then wardrobe should be easy to put together. Wear colors that compliment your skin tone. Solid colors always work better than patterns –black and nude tops the list– this is cause you want your face to be the main focus point.
Accessories also play a very big role, you want the accessories to create just the right amount of drama –unless it’s a portfolio shoot -then minimize on the accessories.

In General: Always bring more than you think you’ll need.


Communication is key to everything.
Even in relationships, they say communication is the foundation to a healthy relationship. (Just had to slide in that there ?)
Well, it’s no different to the modeling world.
Be sure you communicate with your photographer on what it is you want to achieve from that shoot. Further more you are paying for his services so you have to make sure you get the value for your money. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How do I look? How’s my make-up on the camera? Take a look and if you’re not satisfied fix what needs to be fixed.
Always make sure to take a few test shots before rolling.


Getting the right posture and not having to look like you’re about to break can be a nightmare. Comfort is key when it comes to posture.
Main things to look at when wanting to perfect your posture especially if you’re kinda new to it is to make sure you get reference images days prior to the shoot and perfect on them, infront of the mirror, yes! At this point and moment in life the mirror is your BFF. What you see in the mirror is exactly what you’re gonna see in the image so if you don’t like what you see? Switch it honey.
When trying to pose, don’t move too much. All you need is a few perfected poses – if you’re shooting full body- and a few facial expressions if it’s face shots only – and you’re good to go.
Also, be keen on where the light is hitting you from, especially when it’s a studio shoot and use that to your advantage.

Always pay attention to the photographer and the lens. Be aware to notice when your eyes are all over the place or over rotating.

Tip: Let your eye sight be adjacent to the line of your nose so as you can maintain your sight central.
For extra charm and cuteness I always say look at the lens like it’s the man you’re in love with. Trust me, It works! Hahaa!

Extra Extra Tip:
Water is life, Always have water and beverages by your side to keep you hydrated throughout the shoot.

Make it your priority to keep time, very important! Especially if it’s an outdoor shoot.

Did I leave anything? Please feel free and let me know by commenting below 🙂