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The skin protects and prevents us from all the harsh substances outside from getting inside making it one of the most important organs in our body.

When it comes to finding the right products for your skin don’t just assume the bigger the brand, the more effective it will be, (not saying they’re not effective) but don’t be washed away by big brands and the many advertisements out there, there are so so many products that are very affordable and work just fine, all you have to do is find the right skin care products that suit your face and body type.

On a daily I get young girls (refers to older as well but you know- forever young) asking me what I use on my skin, if I use any anti aging products, what are my go to products and stuff like that; so I thought I’d share my everyday simple tips of my skin care routine for both my face and body.



We all know about taking 8 ounces of water a day keeps the pimples at bay.
Once in a while I beat the 8 ounces of fluid record because all fluids count toward the daily total.


I’m currently using the neutrogena visibly clear- pink grapefruit facial wash (I love love how it smells, so fruity and grapey) I use it twice -in the morning and evening – and I add baking soda to it atleast twice a week – which kills bacteria and acts as a natural exfoliant as well – this combo leaves my skin feeling so plumped and fresh.

I do not use soap, most soaps wash away the natural oils of the skin leaving your skin dry and flaky which can block pores and cause black heads, for my cleanser I use the simple micellar cleansing water which I gently massage on my face with a cotton pad .


After cleansing, I like to massage and soothe my skin preparing it for the nutrients it’s going to get from my moisturizer. I use the clarins lotion tonique, and at times I alternate it with rose water for a change which helps aging skin and wrinkles.
Lastly I moisturize my face with raw Shea butter and this smoothens and protects the skins natural oils.

I go hard on natural treatments once in a while, from mayonnaise to egg whites, raw honey and lemon juice masks which have been very effective on my skin.
I’ll have the mask on for 20min Max while I’m probably snapping or baking as I wait for it to dry and you can actually feel the difference right after you wash it off.


I don’t like night creams, neither do I use any anti aging creams, so my night skin care routine stays very quick and basic.
I’ll cleanse my face, dab on the clarins lotion tonique, put on a little bit of bio oil and hello dream land.
I like how light Bio-oil is and you can barely smell it on you after you apply unlike most night creams, plus it tends to even your skin tone – (but like they say, individual results will vary)

Of course I do have some extra beauty secrets that were passed on by my mum since I was young, like a mix of 1 tbsp of Liwa (sandal wood powder) and 1 tsp of milk and honey tends to brighten and tighten your skin overnight with an extra glow on the go – you don’t have to go to a spa to give your face a quick fix


Make up plays a very big role on your skin, its the number one cause to aging skin and choosing good quality make up is the first step to caring for your skin and making sure your skin feeds off the best make-up products.

Less is more when it comes to make up, I’m actually very blunt when it comes to making up, so I always try to have it as minimal as possible – unless I’m shooting- then I’ll have everything on from foundation to concealer to all those contouring kits that make your black spots disappear and so on.., but, on a normal day I honestly can’t be bothered with making up, I’ll just have my sunscreen + moisturizer on , dub a little bit of powder, eyeliner and I (which I’m a huge fan of) and I’m good to go!

Remember to always take off your make-up before bed, sleeping with your make up on will be one of the biggest mistake you’ll ever make – as this can cause skin infections and irritations.



Face care is KEY, but let’s imagine the body as the key hole, LOL! They kinda have to be in-sync. That sounded so cool in my head but you get it though? Yeeees.. Take care of your face but don’t ignore the rest of the body – very essential.

I scrub my whole body twice a week, with a loofah, I use the Shea moisture in coconut and hibiscus and OMG this leaves my skin so so fresh and smooth, and smells heavenly too.


Waxing plays a big role as well, it removes the dead skin on your body which brightens your skin unlike shaving which darkens it the more you shave, and the advantage with waxing is that hair takes much longer to grow back and when it does it’s actually much thinner and lighter.


Detoxing is also a way of promoting healthy skin and reduces inflammation.
I detox quite often with my favorite recipe being; Kale leaves, fresh orange juice, lemon juice, fresh mint , frozen cubed mangoes and ginger.
Detox allows the body to rid itself of any excess waste it’s been storing and it does improve unhealthy eating habits – (There goes my secret to this slim fit physique).

Hope this helps you in a way, it works for me so please make sure you find what works best for you and stick to it.
If you have troubles finding the right products for yourself seek a skin specialist, a dermatologist or esthetician should be able to give you advice on the skin care products that you need to be using.

Just remember: Skin care is way more than just skin deep, if you get the insides right, the outside will fall into place.
OWN your skin, nobody’s perfect.