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Wearing: CD sunglasses, Cotton polka dot shirt, Bell Bottom Denims, Michael Kors Belt, Mocha heels.
Photos By:Buoart

Hey guys.. Yaaaay.. Couldn’t wait to be here!
Starting a blog has always been on my to do list since like 2013 and I can’t believe I actually created a blog profile and never pursued it. (I know right) Check out the link below.

I’m a believer of doing the right thing at the right time, I believe anything good takes time, so I decided to sit out the idea of blogging at that moment as I continued to discover what my interests are when it comes to fashion.
I wasn’t ready at that time, I wanted my blog to be that fun thing for me but it didn’t feel like it then, Plus I thought.. Wait, hold up! There’s Instagram, why do I have to go through this other process that kinda looks so hard when I can just take a shot of my outfit and BOOM! Post it on my gram. You know?!
LOL at myself trying to justify my laziness for blogging, hahaa!

Definition of fashion or rather style to me is simply fun, care free, messy and all that non serious stuff. As long as you’re feeling it, go with it and own it! Yeees!! Its not just about following the norm. Make your own rules! Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter, I know I do. Cause the good thing about that is you actually get to break them yourself.

Having said aaaaaall that, Welcome to my very brand new blog dubbed -THE BRI EFFECT- where I’ll simply be posting fits from my casual days to things that inspire my style.

This head to toe 90’s look was inspired by my natural Afro. I randomly got a text from this dope photographer who wanted to do a mini session with me, but I had no clue on what to wear or what concept to work with, But all it took was one glance in the mirror and right at that moment my Afro saved the day.
This fit made me feel so chic and it for sure did turn heads in the streets of Nairobi while giving me the retro feels to it.

I had on this cotton polka dot shirt that was a gift from my mum and it was so versatile as it worked greatly with my bell bottom denims that I’ve been having for years.
To complete the look I had on 6 INCH mocha wet look peep toe platform heels and a pair of Christian Dior vintage cat eye sunglasses.
The edginess and boldness of this look made me settle with a natural beauty palette on the face.