Culottes is a fit that’s so mature yet so elegant and fun to rock

Mavo_gg photography
– styled by me.
Purchase contact: 0717 229 294
Shoot Location: Cedar’s Restaurant.

What can I say? I’ve always been a flare-holic girl and I love love how the culottes make one look so sharp and so sophisticated, especially the comfort that comes with it.

Culottes are currently trending and its a style that’s super easy to wear and one can effortlessly achieve an exquisite look.

Ever wondered why celebrities and socialites look so good ? This is simply because their clothes are cut accordingly, massive attention to detail is ensures, and finishing being a major key – in short, what I’m trying to say is that the tailored look IS IN! And it’s called custom made!

This was a very fun outfit for me, I wore it on a hot Saturday afternoon.
A friend was throwing a birthday party for her daughter who was turning 6 and I chose to go with this green culotte jumpsuit in African print, the color was so bright and bold that had a very relaxed cut which gave me lots of freedom and ease when it came to movements.

I love being culturally involved and the African fabric is my most common item in my closet.
Not so many have the guts to wear African/Ankara attires but once you master the art of rocking it, then you end up standing out due to its striking and diverse print game.

I would definitely wear this kind of outfit to any occasion – be it cocktail parties, weddings, and hey! I’m that kinda girl who’d even rock this culotte jumpsuit to a Black-tie gala.

Ps: This culotte jumpsuit is availble in different colors and prints, and if you’d like to purchase one all you have to do is contact @yeduofficial on 0717 229 294 and get your fit on.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

Anne Klein.