There’s nothing that screams out sexy than the simplicity of only a Tee and a denim.

Photography @ken_nzau
White Tee – Oldnavy
Jeans – @Vostilook
Boots – H$M

Saturday’s are my jeans and tee kinda days.. well almost everyday.
The white Tee and jeans look will always remain a classic, you can never go wrong with that.
I wore this look on a Saturday morning to a breakfast date I was having with a friend and the day started out a little bit chilly so I opted for the ankle boots which are currently my favorite item.

I’m a tee shirt kinda girl.
I specifically love my white tees, I think I have more than a dozen of them, and most of them have the same cut and fitting,reason being, you can never have enough of white tees.

When it comes to selecting my t shirts I’m always keen on the quality of fabric, it has to be a perfect good quality tee.
I love my t shirts slightly oversized, not too fitted, and yet, not too slouchy.
When styling, the t shirt should always guide you on what to pair it with, if it’s an oversized t shirt then a good pair of skinnies would do (that’s the look I was going for)
But, if it’s a fitting Tee, try and avoid skinny jeans as you don’t wanna end up looking too extra, you wanna pull off an effortless basic chic look.

I love this look as it’s super simple and so comfy, the shades are neutral and summer friendly, with a little bit of street style to it but still maintaining the elegance.
When dressing up a t shirt, always keep in mind ‘less is more’.

So…, I have a confession to make, Lol!

For those who’ve gone shopping with me know my struggle for picking out items.
I tend to be very indecisive and I’ve pissed off my friends and family quite often when shopping with them, so these days its only fair going shopping alone.
Most of the times I’ll actually walk out of the mall with nothing at all only to rethink about my options and having to go back, and sometimes I end up not finding what I went back for!
Does anyone else tend to go through that? And Don’t you just hate it?

Well, Kinda Same situation I went through when getting these boots, but lucky enough I found them and they only had a pair left in my size.
Screaming luuuucky!

Is this a look you would rock?

I’m really hoping you guys love this simple basic look?
If you are a basic look fanatic and you were to wear such an outfit where would you rock it to? Let me know 🙂

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”

Coco Chanel