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African booty snatcher

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I'm a 24-year-old college student with an athletic ass. I really don't have any strict preferences, other than sexy jamacian you also must be drug and disease free.

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Top definition. African Booty Scratcher unknown. A simple crack with no literal definition, it's merits are only how funny and stupid it sounds.

And there is no comeback after you african booty snatcher been called an African Bootyscratcherjust walk away and live another day. And yo momma got big ashy lips, ya African Booty Scratcher! African Booty Scratcher sex.

A snitch. A coward. A slave that was used to scratch their masters ass, because they were too freaking lazy to scratch their own asses. afrucan

Go get me one of them African Booty Scratchers because my ass is really itchy. An African Booty Scratcher is a African that scratches his white masters booty hole african booty snatcher, this job is so horrible people us it as a diss.

African booty scratcher unknown. It's a term created by red necks to call any white person out for being ok with black people.

Long wooden object that scratches the body or any place of the body. Primary the glutious maximums. Native Africans used african booty snatcher wooden object to scratch there unreachable body parts. Malcolm please retrieve me an African booty scratcher from the market when you go pick up the plantine.

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