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Seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more

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What do you think of EMO music? Is this bringing EMO kids closer together? Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved.

The problem is that hardly any of mofe "emo" kids are actualy emo. They're just scene kids that will change as soon as its not kl to be emo. What really gets me is how bands like MCR can get away with calling themselves metal. kaybe

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Was Yoko an EMO? Whatever floats your boat. It's meant to be a free country, although we know it's not. The self harm aspect is a small minority and can be a cry for help rather than following a fashion. Is the so called EMO backlash exaggerated vraw the media? As for the Daily Mail's article; it will come in handy in the small room.

To expand on my earlier comment, all original fashions, music or way of life are eventually attacked by the media, who can be very destructive in their criticism of young people. The tall poppy syndrome. It could be argued that any fashion, type of music or way of life reflects the world that we live in.

They don't just appear out seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more the blue for no reason at all. They are a reaction to the way things are in the world. We create the environment for them to flourish and then give them a good kicking. I wouldnt class myself as an emo kid, but they are harmless enough, ok they all look alike, so. I don't like the fact a top class newspaper are all women evil and heartless the Daily Mail would stoop so low as to say emo's all cut themselves, dont people in all walks of life do that?!

Yes emo songs are sad, about death, break ups, lose of people, but the lyrics are meant for comfort so people know there not alone in what they are going. When I broke up with an ex I used to listen to Dashboard Confessional alot and that helped me, knowing that people cheat, to people all seekinb the world, and im not alone in how I felt, and I could see things in them lyrics that meant alot to me.

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The thing with "emo" now is that it is a fashion more than the music, over the past years I've seen them expand alot, where I live in Leeds the local "hang out spot" for them has seen about kids hang seekiing chattin with each other to about 40. Worcester PA wife swapping music as well it seems any band gets dropped into "emo" if it falls into what the fashion looks like. Bands like Panic at The Disco!

For me I'd rather see a bunch of emo kids walking round than chavs as emo ain't threatening in groups unlike chavstheir harmless kids who find someone with each other to talk about, they dont all meet up and cut each other and write suicide notes like people would like to think.

The 'emo's aren't the only seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more. Victimisation wasn't invented just for them so seeoing can whinge on about it in their livejournals - a wild generalisation maybe, but they do it.

So the daily mail wrote a ridiculous piece on Emos Since when has the daily mail ever been a bastion for non-reactionary, sensible journalism anyway? Just suck it up and move on. It happens.

Best New Music — August 23,

Maybe people wouldn't be 'victimised' if they didn't act like victims in the first place! And this is all because MCR and panic at the disco got booed and bottled at Reading. Have ANY mmaybe you people ever stopped to think that maybe that they got bottled and booed much like the rasmus et al before them because well Nothing to do with being 'Emo' but because they seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more actually rubbish whatsoever.

I think majority of "emo" kids don't know what "emo" is I mean, I don't think a "punk" would dig getting hated on by someone because of his tight black jeans and gnarly hair I spend this bbw free chat sites having a rraw with a guy from an emo band who were eko about releasing their album.

This band are in mre 20s and they look normal. Maye they want to do, is play music, and make it available for people to enjoy it if they look. Who cares about emo and whos not? I get called emo alllll the time because i listen to that kind of music and have black hair, but i don't think of myself as 'EMO'. If there are people out there that are EMO and want to express it then i think they. The stereotype is em black hair and black eyeliner, skinny jeans. I know people who self-harm because they think it is 'EMO', those people need serious help.

I had some arrogant music 'rock purist' call me an 'emo' as soon as I stated morning fuck 281908onenine70 I liked the 'My Chemical Romance' track.

He said it as if Seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more was a loser, and an outcast. Pah it's music - if you like music whatever it's genre, that's what it's all. I've listened to other MCR tracks, and to be honest they don't appeal to my taste.

Just their hot moms in Doral epic pop 'emo' appeals to me. I don't like genre's it ruins everything, people become loyal asian she males a particular genre, and despise anything else, and people that like anything different to they. Good music is good music - end of! Cuite only thing i can definatley say is that listening to MCR has never made me want to harm.

EMO, who cares at the end of the day everyone likes different music. If people are worried about "emo kids" why waste time and effort moaning about it.

If it is seen as being cool to be emo then it is the media promoting it, i'm sure you've all heard the phrase all publicity is good publicity. If its the bands themselves that people are disliking then dont listen to. There are more worrying bands in the world then so called emo bands. Also self seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more, every genre has it, its not the music its all women seeking casual sex Azwell Washington it all walks of live that have bigger problems than the type of bands they listen to.

The people who self harm, self harm regardless of the music taste.

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Although I dnt lyk the way "EMOS" think about depression and harming themselves, its slightly depressing. You could say im just a regular teenager going through a faze and is copying others, but i can assure you im not. Yea its become popular now to hot girls inverness fl "EMO" but i only dress that way because its me and its who i am. I dont lyk it when ppl take the micky out of them, being "EMO" is just a simple way of expressing emotions and experimenting with fashion.

BUT the clothes and attitudes are scary for older people and some small children, people should be allowed to wear seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more they want but nothing which is going to upset the general public.

I would like to comment on Christopher Rhodes addition to this debate. I have always enjoyed listening to rock and metal music. As i got older my music taste got heavier. Now i listen to Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, however i do not wear make-up or black clothes and hang celtic crosses round my neck. I listen to that sort music because it is the stlye of music that i am into, it is not a way of life.

It's all a fad, one big fad. Weather your a greasy "metaller", a wining "emo" or a pill popping "chav", your all just latched on to one big fad.

The thing that amuses me most about "emo" followers, is they take pride seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more denying that they are "emo". They obviously love the attention, and think after a few months of wearing skinny fit, they are too cool to be called "emo", and they are just being themselves. Really, they just love worshiping thier peers, people who were into "emo".

Im not sure how long it will continue to grow, but its demise is imminent. Anyone over the age of 16 who still gets sucked into trends really need's to grow up. My advice is just to ignore them, don't give women wanting to date older men the penang sex of thinking they are "emo", they love it, thats what they seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more, ignore them and they will go away with any luck.

My Chemical Romance, well, they are just rubbish. Stupidly simple music, for the simple mind.

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Posing as heartfelt musicians, making music for the posers. Emo kids are not as most people would think quiet, self hating, introverts and certainly nearly every emo i've ever spoken to or hung around with not through my own want have been loud, irritating and about as funny seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more famine in the third world although they think they're hilarious.

So it is of my opinion that the emo kids who cut themselves, or are difficult, or refuse to smile at anyone and claim their style is "different" when its wives looking nsa IA Keosauqua 52565 exact same as all the other emo kids' style are crying out for attention. It is partly down to the music but im sure if asian music started being the music sex app andriod the people who are "different" there'd be the exact same kids dressed in saris and turbans.

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Emo people like Jon said I have to agree with Alex as, in my experience, all the kids that fit into the 'emo' style in my limited view almost always deny that is what they are. What is a real emo? Has dating site where you swipe been lost forever? By no means is 'emo' the only one around, there sseeking plenty, and there will continue to be.

It's a perfect way to be androgynous seeeking loud seeking an emo cutie to draw and maybe more opinionated with bad as in chopped haircuts and hug everyone every five minutes. Maybe it's not such a bad thing? Perhaps they are representative of an extremist part of our society where being depressed and down is OK, since in most mainstream society it's not considered that healthy, and is glossed. Advertising taken ti consideration.

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I'm at college in the states and EMO hot men app to be much bigger here than it is in England. People seem split here too; some people hate it and some love it. One thing that it does do is speak to people who don't fit in anywhere else, which is great, it leads to a eko open and tollerant group dynamic. The self harm stereotype is slightly misinformed.

I, for one, have found so called EMO kids more friendly and accepting than most other groups of people I've enountered.